Meet the HuntingHQ Team

Marc Featherstone

Founder & Director

The founder and driving force behind HuntingHQ is entrepreneur and long-time successful business owner, Marc Featherstone. With over 25-years marketing experience in the UK, Australia and New Zealand, Marc has spent 16-years owning and running Savvy Marketing, a successful marketing company which has acquired thousands of customers for his clients.

Marc spent the past several years as President of the Christchurch Pistol Club, taking their membership from 150 to nearing 500 and still growing – the largest pistol club in NZ. Marc is also a qualified and active Police Range Certifier, keeping him in touch with the grass roots of the hunting and farming community as he travels around the South Island ensuring compliance of range health and safety requirements.

Marc had this to say… “I saw a need – our farmers need help eradicating pests, our land and native wildlife needs a natural approach, and our hunters will pay for the privilege of ridding New Zealand of unwanted wildlife… it’s a win, win for everyone!”

Pramod Kaushik

Chief Technical Officer

Pramod is the Owner and CEO of KeySS, a Data Analytic, AL, ML & Mobile App Development Company. He has an extensive background as a pioneer of mobile platforms and internet gaming technology.

Liz Featherstone

Project Manager, UI/UX Designer & Web Developer

A skilled web and software developer, Liz has a significant personal interest in the development of HuntingHQ. As part of the Featherstone family she has literally plucked her father Marc’s ideas from his head and project managed the development of our HuntingHQ hunter management and bookings software from its conception.

She oversees a team of programmers, and will continue to develop solutions to support land management and pest eradication.

Liz is also the creative brain behind our incredible branding, and the design and development of the HuntingHQ website.

Liz shares… “As a keen conservationist and hunter, I am passionate about creating solutions for improved pest control to help protect and care for our beautiful country and native wildlife. HuntingHQ is a great fit with my personal philosophies and I am thrilled to be a part of its development.”

Manoj Khyalia

Project Manager, Web & Software Developer

Manoj is a technology enthusiast, problem solver, and project manager with 13-years’ experience. Manoj has worked on a wide variety of web technology projects and he regularly works with PHP, WordPress, MySQL, Lravel, Flutter, etc.

Mitch Tucker

Marketing & Events Manager

Mitch joined HuntingHQ with an extensive background in sales and marketing, including a Bachelor in Applied Management & Marketing. He brings to HuntingHQ 10+ years of experience in digital, physical and events marketing, social media marketing and video and photo including a background in photography and digital design which has proved invaluable in the start-up of HuntingHQ.

Mitch is passionate about the development of HuntingHQ… “I love the fact that that we are bringing something Kiwi based to the market that hasn’t been seen before and will benefit all involved.”

Tania Armstrong

Customer Service Specialist, Customer Excellence

Tania joined HuntingHQ in early 2021 and brings with her years of customer service experience with clientele throughout New Zealand & Australia.

As a child Tania … “loved going hunting with my family. It was always a concern for our parents as to who else was out hunting at the same patch as us. So as an adult, to be able to find safe and unique locations for families to go for a shoot is the best part of my job.”

Shelley Donaldson

Customer Service Specialist, Customer Excellence

Shelley hails from the West Coast and with 10-years background in customer service and sales she is a fabulous addition to the HuntingHQ team.

When asked her views on HuntingHQ she had this to say… “coming from the West Coast, I have seen the devastating impact of fluctuating dairy prices on farmers. I know that HuntingHQ can provide a valuable supplement to farmers’ incomes as well as helping with pest control.”

Karen Featherstone

Executive Assistant

Keeping it in the family, Karen, who is married to Marc has spent a lifetime in a variety of senior administrative positions. In recent years she has managed her own successful business, but now steps up to support the development of HuntingHQ. She brings a wealth of experience in customer service, business management and content writing to her role with HuntingHQ.

“I am inspired by Marc’s passion, drive and determination to support both the farming and the hunting community in New Zealand. But more than that I can see the huge potential to support our fellow New Zealanders in protecting and caring for our land and native wildlife naturally.”

Norman Xu

Financial Controller

Norman has worked with Marc in a variety of businesses for the past 10 years. He brings vast financial, accounting and administrative knowledge to HuntingHQ from his previous roles with tax agencies, the IRD and in international banking. Whatever needs doing behind the scenes, Norman is the man!

“Efficiency is the future… HuntingHQ reallocates the resources required to support both the farmer and the hunter; and improves pest control outcomes.”