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SENZ The Rural Roundup

August 2022

Hunting HQ Convo with Marc Featherstone

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The Fishing Paper and New Zealand Hunting News

June 2022

HuntingHQ: The Tinder for Hunters

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NZ Entrepreneur

June 7th 2022


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Rural Exchange

March 2022

Catch up with HuntingHQ Director Marc Featherstone to find out more about this online resource for farmers and hunters.

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February 21th 2022

HuntingHQ is hitting the target with farmers…

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South Island Agricultural Field Days

March 24th – 26th 2021

Make sure to come check us out at 2021’s South Island Agricultural Field Days!

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The Muster

March 16th 2021

Check out our radio interview with Andy Thompson on The Muster radio station…

The Country

March 2nd 2021

Check out our radio interview with Rowena Duncum on The Country radio station…


November 13th and 14th 2020

An interview with Tracey Anderson an organiser of AgFest during our participation in 2020.

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November / Summer 2020

Check out our 2020 magazine article with RuralCo…

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